Guided sequences of yoga, breathwork and meditative visualisation designed to support embodied mindfulness. A foundational slow flow with a focus on meeting yourself where you are at, and connecting body, heart and mind. Through this strengthening, nurturing and grounding practice we allow our bodies to reflect back the parts of ourselves that need attention as well as the parts that can expand into greater potential.

Join our online Zoom class community for classes every Mon, Wed and Fri 9h00 CET, or arrange private classes for individuals and small groups.


Each course consists of five themed modules to introduce you to core concepts and guide you through their practical application. You will come away with a set of tools for cultivating these skilful practices in your life and work.

Workshops will give you a taste of course content and can be purpose built to your requirements.


Cultivate embodied awareness and access your own inner wisdom. An introduction to

key principles and practices.


Move from surviving to thriving with a diverse toolkit of simple daily-use practices.


Foster alignment, connection and effective goal orientation using the power of group mindfulness and intention setting.


We will work together to develop blueprints for incorporating holistic mind-body and ancient wisdom practices into your culture to foster conscious leadership and thriving teams.


Using the principles of embodied mindfulness we will design organisational habits and cultural initiatives to deepen connection, increase effectiveness and expand your organisation’s capacity for thriving in the context of change and uncertainty.


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